What is Exhibitor Effectiveness?
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Trade show exhibitors spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year on booth space, properties, promotional items, travel, staff and training.  How do you evaluate your performance?   How do you know where to invest more and where you should spend less?


Competitive Edge and TradeShows Plus! have teamed up to provide a proprietary evaluation service for trade show exhibitors and show organizers.  Based on decades of experience working with exhibitors and organizers, we have developed an exclusive methodology - Exhibitor Effectiveness Evaluation, or "E3". Whether you are an individual exhibitor looking for in-depth, one-on-one consultation or an organizer looking to provide evaluations for your entire show, E3 offers the framework for thorough, systematic evaluation.
E3 is built around the concepts of Contact, Convince and Change (the "Three C's").  Each of these is required to be effective.  And superior performance on any one or two of the three can do little to compensate for shortcomings in the other, underperforming area(s).
We start by evaluating performance of various exhibitor activities, like booth design and staffer behavior.  This gives us a "report card" for various tactics.  But E3 goes an imortant step further.  We have analyzed each tactic and assessed how it contributes to each of the "three C's", and this combination is what determines ultimate effectiveness.
The results are reported graphically.  We can prepare these for individual exhibitors, select groups of exhibitors, or every exhibitor in an entire show.  Through a custom process we are able to generate both textual and graphical reporting very efficiently.  When evaluating multiple exhibitors, each receives an e-mail with a link to their results.
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